Allcera's surface treatment

Allcera's surface treatment
We specialize in making this high-quality active surface coating.
This coating is activated by outdoor light and also artificial light.
The reaction of light activates the biological substances, and a cleaning effect is created.
Harmful substances are neutralized.
And, for example, unpleasant odors disappear
Our technically trained employees are at the service of customers in various industries to optimize their healthy living environment or to equip it for special requirements.
Our unique coating works very effectively.
It ensures a clean environment both inside and outside
Our Allcera AC product series VLR-modified photocatalyst has an amazing effect on destroying formaldehyde, mold, moss and almost all types of bacteria and viruses, including their mutants such as MRSA, SARS, H5N1 etc.
The performance lasts very long because of the catalytic reaction mode. Our enhanced photocatalyst can thoroughly break down bacteria, viruses and their bodies and endotoxin. The photocatalyst can completely neutralize the bacteria and virus immediately, not only kill but also clean up.
Therefore, it will not lose its effect because of the accumulation of bacteria on the surface (e.g. Silver antibacterial process). Meanwhile, the photocatalyst can also remove pet odors and wipe out the allergic agent indoors to reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases.
Fingerprints on glass will also disappear.


What is Self-cleaning Photocatalyst?
Is a photocatalyst that uses only natural light and rain, that keeps surfaces of glasses and building materials clean from dust and organic pollutants, and that shows outstanding durability, pencil hardness of 7H, and transparency.

• electronic impregnation makes high activation even in darkness
• Quadrupled adsorptive power of harmful gases, 

doubled decompositon power 

• expanded active area from ultraviolet to visible light
• reinforced anti-bacterial and anti-fungal power
• eco-friendly normal temperature hardening binder
• Pure emulsion of the hydrosphere

Comparison of tio with wo -tio



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