High performance coat for Glass AC10125

Photosynthetic active coating for glass for self-cleaning, air purification and algae control
Specially designed to give glass and glazed tiles self-cleaning properties.
Protecting them from algae and mold and purifying the air from pollutants (e.g. NOx). For outdoor use only.


▪ Excellent hydrophilicity
▪ High transmittance in Visible range 

▪ Excellent adhesion in glass
▪ Excellent chemical resistance
▪ Good scratch resistance
▪ Good anti-fouling effect

▪ Heat curable multi-purpose coat by 

WO3/TiO2 photocatalyst


Dynamic effect on glass

Anti-fouling effect
▪ Photocatalytic decomposition of organic chemical as oleic acid

Abrasion resistance
Test Method (in-house method)
The adhesion performance of the photocatalyst coating film was evaluated by reciprocating a wetting cotton cloth using a weight of 500 g on the photocatalyst(PCT) coated specimen.

At this time, the moving distance is 100mm, and the reciprocating distance (200mm) is taken as one cycle.

The evaluation criterion for abrasion resistance is that the performance of the wear test is considered to be maintained when the water contact angle of the test material is measured based on the number of frictions 30 times and shows a value of 15o or less.


Cross-cut test



Process of decomposition for pollutants


result of Pencil hardness test


Solvent for experiment: AC10125


Coating type: Spray coating



 Hardening environment: 200°C / 10minutes

 Phase microscope of 100 magnifications